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Natural & Pure Essential oils and Botanical Extracts manufactured using natural raw materials

Aromatic Chemicals, Essential oils and Botanical Extracts Handa Fine Chemicals

Aromatics, Botanicals & Essential oils

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Handa Fine Chemicals is a global supplier and exporter of high quality Aromatic Chemicals, Botanical Extracts, Essential Oils and related natural oils and raw ingredients. Our aim is to supply high quality natural products with the best service possible.

With many years of experience, we supply and export our innovative and natural products world-wide. Our products are used as raw ingredients in wide range of industries, such as Pharmaceuticals, Health and Beauty, Animal Care, Cosmetics, Nutrients, Flavour Fragrance and many others.

From our diverse product portfolio, we offer you high quality Essential oils, Aromatic Chemicals, Botanical Extracts, Vegetable & Carrier oils,  Cod liver oil, Oleoresins and many other natural oils. Our product range also includes many speciality such as Benzyl Benzoate BP,  Ethyl Oleate Ph.Eur, Eugenol USP, Bee Propolis, Rye Pollen Extract, Cod liver oil. Amoungst others we specialise in bulk supply of Linseed oil, d-Limonene, Triethanolamine and Ultra refined vegetable oils. The majority of our products complies to  BP, Ph.Eur and USP Pharmacopoeias.  Read more...

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