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We are suppliers and exports of high quality natural refined oils and raw ingredients, offering extensive range of pharmaceutical grade Aromatic Chemicals, Botanicals and Herbal Extracts, Refined Vegetable Seed oils, Essential oils and related natural products. With over thirty years of experience, we offer our products to a wider range of markets and industries. Majority of our customers are original manufacturers specialising in the field of Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Beauty, Animal Health, Flavour and Fragrance and Nutrients development. The speciality products that we offer are manufactured and tested to very high quality standards and majority are compliant to British, European or US Pharmacopoeia monographs. Our aim is to supply you with pure quality ingredients with the best service possible. Please feel free to contact us with any question or enquiry.

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Aromatic Chemicals

Aromatic Chemicals and Organic Compounds are natural or natural identical chemicals and cover a wide range of chemicals used as solvents, alcohols and Esters. Majority of the Aroma Chemical Compounds conforms to Pharmacopoeia such as BP, EP and USP “OUR

Botanicals & Herbal Extracts

Extracts from Botanicals, Herbs and Plants are produced by a multi stage processes by which a part of the plant is used to extract it’s nutritional or medical ingredients, known as ‘active ingredient’. Different extraction methods and extraction medium are

Essential oils & Absolutes

Essential oil is a liquid extracted from a part or a whole plant using a process know as ‘steam distillation’. This process uses steam to break the out layers of the plant and finally extract the ‘essence’ of the plant

Vegetable oils & Triglycerides

Vegetable oils/fats and triglycerides are fatty oils extracted from the seeds or nuts of a plant. The seeds or nuts of the vegetable plant are crushed and pressed, a process known as ‘cold pressed’ method, to the extend where oil is

Marine Fish oil & Omega 3 oils

Fish oils, like Cod Liver oil, are an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). There are a verity of fish use to extract Omega 3 acids and EPA/DHA, such as Cod, Salmon, Halibut and

Propolis & Bee Pollen

PROPOLIS is produced by bees to protect their beehives. Also know as a natural antibiotic, Propolis is a sticky brown substance with strong odour. Bees collect Raw Propolis from different trees and use it in their hives due to it’s anitbiotic

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Castor oil (Pharma grade)

Castor oil derivitives

CASTOR OIL is the fixed oil obtained by cold expression from the seeds of Ricinus communis (L). It is a clear, almost colourless or slightly yellow, viscid liquid; odour very slightly and characteristic, taste at first bland, but afterwards slightly

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MCT oil (medium chain triglycride)

MCT oil (medium chain triglycride)

Medium Chair Triglyceride or MCT oil is extracted mainly from Coconut oil or Palm oil. MCT oil contains medium-length carbon chains of C8:0 and C10:0 of fatty acids known as triglycerides. From Coconut oil there are four types of triglycerides

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Linseed oil

Linseed oil

LINSEED OIL is obtained from the seeds of the flax plant Linum Usitatissimum. The flex seeds are broken and heated up to about 70°C. With this temperature the oil can be crushed more easily and the best quality oil can

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Fish oil (blended)

Fish oil (blended)

A pure fish oil extracted from fresh, mixed species of fish. The oil has not been subject to any refining procedure other than centrifuging. When warmed to 25 deg. C and allowed to remain at 15 deg. C, the oil

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